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MVA Skills Test

Go to your MVA Driving Test with us...

We provide assistance for students who would like to be accompanied to their MVA driving appointment.  Our services includes: An MVA approved vehicle,  one of our driving instructors, and a short practice session prior to your test. 

Please contact our office to set schedule your MVA appointment.

Vehicle rental for MVA skill test 


...Or go with a friend!

You can also choose to have someone take you to your driving test.  A parent, a family member or even a friend can accompany you.  We will list all the requirements needed so your special day at MVA goes as smooth as possible:


  • You will need to present your Learner's Permit

  • Ensure your certificate of completion for the 36 hrs Driver's Education Program has been sent and confirmed by MVA.  if you are a previous S&S Student, you can contact us by email or phone to confirm your certificate submission. 

  • The licensed driver that will accompany you to MVA will need to present their Driver's License.

  • Don't forget to fill out page 26 of the ROOKIE DRIVER book.  Please find a link  to print a copy if you do not have the book, or feel free to ask our staff for a book. 


  • A valid registration card of the vehicle that you will use for the test.  

  • Valid proof of insurance for your vehicle. The acceptable format is an insurance card or an electronic copy.

  • Finally, the vehicle has to be in good conditions.  Please use the following link for a complete list of the vehicle requirements:


Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you

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