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Per MVA regulations, a student must score an 80% or higher on their last Behind-The-Wheel hour.  When a student fails to score the required percentage, a remedial hour has to be purchased in order to be retested.  The following is the price for the remedial hour:


  • 1 hour $50.00


We advise all students to train as much as possible (at least 60 hours for anyone 25 and under and 14 hours for anyone 25 and over) to avoid this inconvenience.  Furthermore, remember that the 6 hours Behind-The-Wheel training any driving school provides is strictly to refine the students’ skills and evaluate the last hour of training.




A written notification of withdrawal is required for any refund to be granted. Students that withdraw from the program will receive the following prorated refund:


  • Withdrawal prior to start = Full refund (100%) minus any fees incurred if paid by credit or debit card.


  • Withdrawal during class or behind the wheel instruction = the student will receive a prorated refund on whatever many units or driving practices are owed (15% of the remaining hours in Class and 85% of the remaining Behind-the-wheel training hours). The student will obtain documentation reporting the number of hours they have completed from the program. Please note that the 36 hours program purchased separately are valued at: 30 hours/classroom = $175, 6 hours/behind-the-wheel = $240.  This will be used to calculate the amount owed to the student and not the special price paid at the time of registration.


Any refund will be forwarded to the address provided within 15 days of the date that written notification of withdrawal is received. A company check will be forwarded under the name of the student.




How do I file a complaint against a drivers’ school, a driver education program, or an instructor? 

The MVA only investigates complaints which involve a violation of a Maryland law, regulation or policy statement related to a drivers’ school, a driver education program, or an instructor.  If you are unsure whether your complaint can be accepted by the MVA, you may want to first contact the MVA’s Driver Instructional Services Division and discuss your concerns with one of our staff.  If you decide to file a complaint, you must submit your allegations in writing to the Driver Instructional Services Division. 

If your complaint cannot be accepted for further investigation, the Driver Instructional Services Division will notify you in writing.  If the complaint is accepted, the Division will conduct an investigation.

Fees: There is no fee associated with filing a complaint.

Contact Information:

Driver Instructional Services Division
6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E.
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

MVA Customer Service Center:  


TTY/Hearing Impaired:


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